What We Offer

Targeted Services or Full Service IT Department

Whether you need help in a specific technology area, or want us to be your IT Department, we can provide the services you need to function smoothly and efficiently.  We work with you to develop the right package to meet your technical needs and fit your budget.  What we can guarantee is that we will do the job more efficiently and at less expense than either full-time staff or hiring consultants as needed.

Targeted services

We will look at your environment, systems, skills, and man-power to develop a custom package of services that meet your needs.
You can concentrate on what you do best (or want to keep in-house) and we take care of everything else.
The packages are very granular based on tasks, specific systems, broad categories, or any mix therein.

All inclusive IT service department

Our most comprehensive package that combines all of our services. Designed for organizations that have no internal IT staff or a very small staff that cannot effectively manage the every-day tasks of managing a network, helping end-users, facing issues as they come up, working with multiple vendors, managing security concerns, and planning for the future.
For one very attractive monthly service fee, we take care of all those needs and more. No more headaches and fears of what will break next. You get all of the benefits of a full IT department with subject matter experts at a fraction of the cost.
Just a few of the services included are:
- Infrastructure design, maintenance, and troubleshooting -
- Help Desk support for end-users -
- Real-time monitoring of all systems -
- Tracking of licenses and maintenance agreements -
- Planning for future upgrades -
- Security monitoring and configuration -
- Routine maintenance of servers and workstations -
- Network administration tasks -

- Deployment and upgrades of OS and other software -
- Working with vendors as your liaison -

expert consulting as needed

If you have a capable IT staff and only need assistance occasionally for very difficult tasks or for major projects, we can help you as needed.
Use our services to enhance your capabilities at a very affordable per-engagement cost.
You get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Network Infrastructure

We can install, monitor, configure, and fine tune everything that is "behind the scenes" to your users. This includes wiring, switches, routers, servers, and everything else that comprises the backbone of your network.


In today's world, security is more important than ever. Let us review, configure, and suggest optimal solutions for your best security posture. Make best use of firewalls, IPS, 2FA, VPN, hardware and OS hardening so that you have a fighting chance against today's threats and bad actors.


No company can exist as an island. You must use technology to communicate effectively with partners, vendors, and clients. This includes websites, E-Mail, secure data transfer, and VoIP. We help you implement technology effectively.


All this technology is practically useless if you and your staff don't have the proper training and tools to use it well. Technology should make everyday work tasks easier and more efficient; not harder and time consuming. We can train both administrators and end-users to get the most out of the technology you implement.

Systems Monitoring

Many network administrators end up being "fire fighters" as they are always in a reactive mode to fix things after they break. Let us implement the proper procedures to configure systems for best MTBF and monitor them for near real-time reaction to any issues. Proactive monitoring and fine-tuning saves a lot of down-time and user complaints.

Help Desk

You may have a small IT staff or none at all. If you don't have a dedicated Help Desk you need to constantly pull off a juggling act between network administration and helping end-users. We can take on the task of full-time Help Desk for your organization. Users contact us for all issues and we solve them as quickly as possible.

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